Solar-Plus-Storage for the Cook Islands

Around 4.2 MWh of energy storage capacity will be connected to a solar and diesel micro-grid on Rarotonga, the [...]

FERC Order May Undermine Renewables, Energy Storage in New York’s Capacity Markets

Another setback for clean energy resources heightens tension in states considering alternatives to federally regulated markets. The Federal Energy [...]

Net Metering and Energy Storage See Significant FERC Support

Solar net metering saw a significant legal win this month, as the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) voted to [...]

Planned Law Could Unlock 4 GW of UK Storage Projects

The government’s Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy has drafted secondary legislation aimed at easing the construction of [...]

Victory for Wholesale Energy Storage, but Does Order 841 Allow FERC to Assault Net Metering?

Order 841 lets regional transmission operators create wholesale markets for energy storage — potentially including fleets of behind-the-meter storage [...]

US House Democrats Spell Out Climate, Clean Energy Priorities in Sweeping Plan

The net-zero-by-2050 roadmap calls for clean energy tax credits, transmission expansion and a more resilient grid. Democratic members of [...]

EU Needs 108 GW of Battery Storage for 2030 Climate Targets

The EU appears poised to roll out battery storage capacity to provide flexibility to systems with more variable renewables. [...]

U.S. Clean Energy Groups Jointly Commit To Reaching Majority Renewable Generation By 2030

Within a decade, more than half of the electricity generated in the U.S. will come from clean, renewable resources [...]

States and Utilities Should Not Have the Opt-Out of FERC Order 841

States and Utilities should not have the opt-out. Due to COVID-19, the D.C. Circuit of Appeals has delayed hearing [...]

Kosovo Preps 50 MW Solar Tender

The Balkan nation is planning a tender for 50 MW of utility scale solar capacity on a public-private partnership [...]