Storage ITC Bill Gains Key Industry Backers

“Clarifying eligibility of the ITC for energy storage will create a level playing field across electric grid technologies, improve [...]

California Passes Bill to Extend $800M in Incentives for Behind-the-Meter Batteries

SB 700 would extend the Self-Generation Incentive Program by about $166 million per year through 2023. There are still [...]

Mass. Lawmakers Set Storage Target, Raise RPS, Overturn Rooftop Solar Demand Charge

It was a big day for distributed energy. But the solar industry didn’t get everything that it wanted. The [...]

Energy Storage Gets Its Day in Congress

The House Energy and Commerce Committee invited experts to testify on what federal storage policy should look like. Energy [...]

No Longer a Novelty, Clean Energy Technologies Boom All Across the US

A new report documents the democratization of renewables, energy storage and electric vehicles in America. It was 1997, and [...]

Arizona Regulator Seeks Efficient Path for 80% Clean Energy Rule

Arizona regulator Andy Tobin has filed a set of proposed rules that would implement his Arizona Energy Modernization Plan to put utilities on [...]

California Tries Again With 3 Landmark Clean Energy Bills. This Time Things Are Different

The energy landscape has changed and last year’s obstacles may have shifted for 100 percent clean energy, grid expansion [...]

California Energy Regulators Delve Into Threats and Opportunities of ‘Customer Choice’

The CPUC explores potential pitfalls and solutions to utilities losing customers to distributed energy providers, community choice aggregators. Last [...]

New Jersey Passes Nuclear Subsidies, Boosts Renewables Target to 50%

The RPS bill includes a 2 gigawatt energy storage target and sets higher goals for solar. The nuclear bill [...]

Trump Targets Chinese Wind, Battery and EV Imports, With Limited US Impact

Solar products were not included on the administration’s list of products that could be subject to new tariffs. The [...]