World’s Largest Renewable Energy Storage Project Announced in Utah

Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems (MHPS) and Magnum Development today joined The Honorable Gary Herbert, Governor of Utah, to announce [...]

Storage ITC Bill Gains Key Industry Backers

“Clarifying eligibility of the ITC for energy storage will create a level playing field across electric grid technologies, improve [...]

California Passes Bill to Extend $800M in Incentives for Behind-the-Meter Batteries

SB 700 would extend the Self-Generation Incentive Program by about $166 million per year through 2023. There are still [...]

Mass. Lawmakers Set Storage Target, Raise RPS, Overturn Rooftop Solar Demand Charge

It was a big day for distributed energy. But the solar industry didn’t get everything that it wanted. The [...]

Energy Storage Gets Its Day in Congress

The House Energy and Commerce Committee invited experts to testify on what federal storage policy should look like. Energy [...]

No Longer a Novelty, Clean Energy Technologies Boom All Across the US

A new report documents the democratization of renewables, energy storage and electric vehicles in America. It was 1997, and [...]

Arizona Regulator Seeks Efficient Path for 80% Clean Energy Rule

Arizona regulator Andy Tobin has filed a set of proposed rules that would implement his Arizona Energy Modernization Plan to put utilities on [...]

California Tries Again With 3 Landmark Clean Energy Bills. This Time Things Are Different

The energy landscape has changed and last year’s obstacles may have shifted for 100 percent clean energy, grid expansion [...]

California Energy Regulators Delve Into Threats and Opportunities of ‘Customer Choice’

The CPUC explores potential pitfalls and solutions to utilities losing customers to distributed energy providers, community choice aggregators. Last [...]

New Jersey Passes Nuclear Subsidies, Boosts Renewables Target to 50%

The RPS bill includes a 2 gigawatt energy storage target and sets higher goals for solar. The nuclear bill [...]