Landmark California Climate Law Directs Electric Utilities to Displace Oil Companies

Within 15 years, California will generate at least half of its electricity from renewable resources and double savings from energy efficiency gains, [...]

The More People Know Solar, Use, Support Grow in South Carolina

THE ISSUE: Solar energy and environmental consciousness; OUR OPINION: Claflin is a major energy user already making use of sun’s energy An [...]

Branstad Signs Biofuels Bill into Iowa Law

Gov. Terry Branstad traveled to the POET Bio-refining facility in Coon Rapids Wednesday to sign legislation into law that [...]

Blumenauer and CPC Call for Extending the Renewable Energy Production Tax Credit

Office of the House of Representative Earl Blumenauer, U.S Government has issued the following news release: Members of the [...]

Brighter Horizon for Biofuels

The biofuel industry breathed a big sigh of relief last month when the EPA declined several governors’ petitions to [...]

How Obama and Congress Could Find Common Ground on Energy

Despite divided government, the partisan impasse may be about to end on energy policy. The key lies in a [...]

10 Significant State Policies for Distributed Solar Energy

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What has policy brought us in California?

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New CEAA Act to change Canadian RE Industries

The environmental assessment is a staple in the process of getting industrial energy projects approved and onto the construction [...]

Massachusetts launches regional RE resolution

The following information was released by the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs (Massachusetts): Governor Deval Patrick today [...]