Washington: House sends Hatfield’s biomass bill to Gov. Gregoire

The state House on Tuesday overwhelmingly approved a bill to include decades-old wood waste incinerators and boilers at pulp [...]

New bill would classify ethanol derived from coal & natural gas as ‘renewable resource’

Six members of the House of Representatives introduced a bill on Wednesday that would include ethanol produced by nontraditional [...]

NJ Governor Christie unveils final draft of energy master plan

Reaction to Gov. Chris Christie’s final energy master plan draft was mixed, but solar industry advocates endorsed the changes [...]

NJ renewable energy proposal debated

New Jersey’s proposed energy policy calls for 22.5 percent of the state’s power to come from renewable sources within [...]

Eminent domain mining law posed to change

Nevada’s 130-year-old legal provision giving mining companies the right of eminent domain might be about to get buried because [...]

Green jobs growing in California

Green jobs at clean-tech or alternative-energy companies are flourishing in California, with nearly a quarter of them based in [...]

Solar debate hot in the southwest desert

On the construction site of the $2 billion Ivanpah solar power plant here, burly laborers slowly walk around their trucks, dropping [...]