Hawaii: Big Island On Pace To Meet Renewable Energy Goals In 2 Years

Hawaii island could be the first area in the state to exceed goals set by the Legislature and regulators [...]

Hawaii is Ahead of Schedule for Renewable Power Adoption

The state demanded 30 percent renewable energy by 2020. The electric utilities blew past that. The state of Hawaii [...]

Hawaiian Electric Surpasses RPS Target on Path to 100% Renewables

Renewable resources accounted for half of the electric power serving Maui County in 2020, a first. Hawaiian Electric reached a 34.5% [...]

Kauai, Hawaii to Hit 80% Renewable Power With Solar-Charged Hydro Storage

A pathbreaking project from AES will combine solar generation, batteries and multiple reservoirs and hydro generators. Hawaii’s island of Kauai [...]

Hawaii ‘Coal Ban Bill’ Becomes Law

Hawaiʻi just made history!   SB2629 became law, solidifying the end of coal burning in Hawaiʻi before 2023. This is a huge [...]

Hawaiian Renewable Energy Targets

Hawaiian Electric, a subsidiary of Hawaiian Electric Industries, has submitted eight contracts for new grid-scale renewable energy and storage [...]

Hawaii Energy Policy: Honolulu Votes for Clean Energy

A bright spot shone today in the Pacific, as Honolulu’s City Council unanimously passed a new building code that [...]

States Clean Energy Policies Remain Strong Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

As consumers and businesses grapple with the impacts of COVID-19, which is already shifting daily load shapes and electricity demand, regulators across [...]

COVID-19 Crisis Poses Risks For Hawaii’s Renewable Energy Policy

Even the most optimistic solar developer said extended disruptions to projects will have unavoidable consequences. Hawaii utility regulators are [...]

Hawaii’s Push For Renewable Energy Could Stall Over Public Opposition

It’s a perennial issue for lawmakers promoting green energy in Hawaii: how to close a loophole in a law [...]