Massachusetts House Speaker Deleo Proposes $1B for Energy Efficiency Grants

Massachusetts House Speaker Robert DeLeo has unveiled a plan to spend $1 billion over the next 10 years to [...]

Bill Seeks to Speed State’s Transition to Renewable Energy in Massachusetts

A bill filed at the Massachusetts Statehouse seeks to help speed the state’s transition to renewable forms of energy. [...]

Mass. Lawmakers Set Storage Target, Raise RPS, Overturn Rooftop Solar Demand Charge

It was a big day for distributed energy. But the solar industry didn’t get everything that it wanted. The [...]

Community Power State Scorecard Comparison — 2018 vs. 2017

Earlier this spring, the Institute for Local Self-Reliance released its 2018 Community Power State Scorecard, revealing the the best and [...]

Massachusetts and Rhode Island Contract for 1,200MW of Offshore Wind

Massive new projects put New England states on the forefront of the U.S. offshore wind market. Massachusetts and Rhode [...]

Solar industry Lobbies for Greater Legislative Support in Massachusetts

Clamoring for “long-term stable growth” in their sector, solar industry workers rallied Wednesday for changes that would make it [...]

Massachusetts Rejects Smart Meter Rollouts, as Competitive Energy Undermines the Business Case

How customers migrating to third-party and municipal electric services have put National Grid, Unitil and Eversource’s AMI plans in [...]

Advocates Seek More Momentum for Massachusetts Offshore Wind

Clean energy advocates say offshore wind is not being taken seriously enough as an option amid discussions of transmission [...]

Solar Massachusetts Renewable Target “SMART” Incentive

Current Massachusetts solar policies are changing and the current SREC program is being replaced by a new Solar Massachusetts [...]

MA Governor Embraces ‘Clean Peak’ Policy to Encourage Renewables Paired With Storage

Governor Baker’s proposed bill would leverage the state’s renewable power at peak hours, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and [...]