Top Senate lawmakers see chance to revamp US energy policy

The United States needs to update its energy policy to reflect the boom in natural gas and oil production [...]

A bill that will remove barriers for renewable natural gas

Assembly Bill 1900, authored by Assemblyman Mike Gatto (D-Los Angeles), a bill which removes barriers to the development of [...]

California Bills for Biogas

As part of the package of 19 clean energy bills that California Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law on [...]

What has policy brought us in California?

Government support for renewable energy is a subject of national debate. In particular, many are scrutinizing the Federal Production [...]

PA Governor says yes to shale but no to solar

This December, the Corbett Administration will start handing out up to $20 million of taxpayer dollars over the next [...]

Legislative wrap up: Energy stances on renewable investments, merger payback, opt-out fee for smart meters and state transmission ownership lost steam

The most prominent energy issues in the Vermont Legislature this year seem to be the ones that didn’t happen. [...]

GOP congressional reps ‘energized’ over legislation

Three Republican members of the Colorado congressional delegation have proposed three bills to streamline and enhance domestic energy production. [...]

Setting an energy standard

When it comes to renewable energy goals, Colorado keeps raising the bar. It was the first state to implement [...]

Florida House passes energy bill

After three years attempting to pass a renewable-energy package, the Florida House overwhelming backed the energy plan that has [...]

US clean energy standard proposed in Senate

Hoping an inclusive, flexible approach will draw support, Sen. Jeff Bingaman (D-N.M.) recently introduced the Clean Energy Standard Act [...]