Net Metering Policy Takes Center Stage in California

The nation’s biggest solar market now faces regulators’ biggest solar conundrum — the cost shift. California’s long-awaited proceeding on [...]

DC Citizen Wins Increase in Net Metering Limit to 200% of Past Usage

States like California whose laws say net-metered solar must be “intended primarily” for self-consumption could join Washington, D.C. in [...]

Michigan Regulators Find Middle Ground on Rooftop Solar Payments

It’s the first program approved for utility customers who install solar and send excess power to the grid as [...]

Arizona Utility Files Rate Settlement Agreement with Solar Net Metering Compromise

Solar industry stakeholders in Arizona have reached an agreement with the state’s largest utility that improves on a decision made [...]

Arizona Commission Overhauls Rules for Net Metering, Distributed Generation

The Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) voted 4 to 1 on Dec. 21 to restructure how distributed generation (DG) is [...]