Biden Unveils Ambitious Solar Plan for Western US States

A new roadmap released Wednesday by the Biden administration spells out a plan to bring a significant amount of [...]

Nevada Democrats Unveil Renewable Energy Infrastructure Measure

Nevada lawmakers are considering a massive energy infrastructure proposal that would encourage the construction of renewable energy transmission lines [...]

Nevada Voters Seal Renewable Energy Goals in Their State Constitution

The state will target 50 percent renewables by 2030. As was widely expected, Nevada voters approved Question 6 on the ballot, [...]

Renewable Energy Will Be on the Ballot in Nevada Once Again

Question 6, also known as the Renewable Energy Promotion Initiative, is a ballot initiative that, if approved by voters, would [...]

Trump Government Green-Lights Biggest-Ever US Solar Power Project

Giant $1bn Gemini development being built by Solar Partners XI in Nevada would provide residential power for entire Greater [...]

Public Utilities Commission of Nevada to Tackle Low-Income Access to Solar Power

Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak signed Assembly Bill 465 into law on June 4 of 2019. The measure requires electric utilities in [...]

$600,000 in Federal Grants to Help Launch Nevada Green Business Program

Regular light bulbs out, LED light bulbs in. Less paper printed, more documents emailed. Biodegradable cleaners. Solar panels. Recycling. All across the Silver [...]

Nevada Follows Hawaii, Moves Toward Performance-Based Ratemaking

Nevada lawmakers on May 23 passed legislation to modernize how electric utility rates are set, directing the Public Utilities [...]

Nevada Gov Sisolak Signs New Law: Power Providers to Go 50% Renewable by 2030

SB 358 requires state electric producers to buy or generate 50 percent of their power from solar, wind [...]

50% Renewables Bill Passes NV Senate, Unanimously

The Nevada Senate voted April 16, 2019, unanimously, across party lines, to update Nevada’s renewable portfolio standard (RPS), the law [...]