What Does “100% Renewable” Mean?

Renewable Energy Overview There are many types of renewable energy sources: Among them are wind, geothermal, hydroelectric, solar, biomass, [...]

Connecticut Rules in Favor of Vermont Renewable Energy Credits

Connecticut regulators ruled Wednesday that credits purchased from renewable electricity generated in Vermont can count toward that state’s energy [...]

Legislative wrap up: Energy stances on renewable investments, merger payback, opt-out fee for smart meters and state transmission ownership lost steam

The most prominent energy issues in the Vermont Legislature this year seem to be the ones that didn’t happen. [...]

Vermont renewable energy bill gets last-minute overhaul

It was do or die for the energy bill on Wednesday. After a fight on the Senate floor over [...]

Libertyville, IL adopts new energy program

The Village Board has adopted an ordinance authorizing Village participation in an electrical aggregation program that is expected to [...]

Arizona Governor signs two new solar energy friendly legislations into law this week

Arizona is set to become friendlier to solar energy as Governor Jan Brewer signs two new legislations into law [...]

Washington: House sends Hatfield’s biomass bill to Gov. Gregoire

The state House on Tuesday overwhelmingly approved a bill to include decades-old wood waste incinerators and boilers at pulp [...]

Idaho utilities seek ownership of renewable energy credits

A bill that would require renewable energy credits to go to public utilities was introduced in the Senate State [...]

Wash. State Senate passes biomass bill

The Legacy Biomass Bill (SB 5575) has passed through the Washington State Senate with an overwhelming majority vote of [...]

Vermont: Committee starts over on renewable power bill

Legislation that would require utilities to purchase green energy will go back to the drawing board, according the chair [...]