New Program Will Make D.C. A Leader On Renewable Energy

The nation’s capital will get half of its electricity from renewable sources by 2032, officials announced Monday. The new, [...]

Three State Legislators Want To Kill Michigan’s Popular Clean Energy Law

Three state legislators in Michigan have put together a bill to kill the state’s renewable energy mandate, while their [...]

Idaho utilities seek ownership of renewable energy credits

A bill that would require renewable energy credits to go to public utilities was introduced in the Senate State [...]

Vermont: Committee starts over on renewable power bill

Legislation that would require utilities to purchase green energy will go back to the drawing board, according the chair [...]

CA: CPUC Issues Final Decision on Renewables Portfolio Standard Content Categories of SB 2X

On Dec. 15, the California Public Utilities Commission passed a highly technical and complex decision implementing portfolio content categories [...]

Climate policy initiative finds long-term, stable policy support key to reducing cost of financing renewable energy projects

Feed-in-Tariffs (FiTs), Feed-in-Premia (FiPs), and Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) met through long-term power or premium contracts, lowered financing costs [...]