US Renewable Energy Policy: Solar May Not Get Relief From Trump’s Tariffs

The solar industry may not catch the break from U.S. import tariffs that it was counting on next year. [...]

California Energy Commission Defers Decision on SMUD Community Solar Proposal

The California Energy Commission held a hearing on Wednesday, November 13, to discuss the Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD)’s SolarShares [...]

Virginia Announces 420 MW Renewable Energy Agreement

Gov. Ralph Northam, D-Va., has announced an agreement for the Commonwealth of Virginia to purchase 420 MW of wind [...]

Florida Approves TECO Solar Energy Tariff, Increasing Access to Green Energy

Florida regulators on Tuesday approved Tampa Electric Company’s (TECO) shared solar energy tariff, to help the investor-owned utility’s customers transition to [...]

Election 2018: Clean Energy’s Future Could Rise or Fall with These Governor’s Races

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Gov. Cooper Signs Solar Energy Bill Despite Controversial Wind Project Moratorium in NC

Gov. Roy Cooper signed into law on Thursday legislation promoting solar energy in the state and issued an executive [...]

New Virginia Law Expands Solar Energy Development Authority to Include Energy Storage

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe yesterday signed a bill authorizing the expansion of the state’s Solar Energy Development Authority to [...]

Hundreds of Clean Energy Bills Have Been Introduced in States Nationwide This Year

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Like Clockwork: California Utilities Should Embrace Clean Energy Solutions when Testing TOU Rates

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New York is Bringing Solar Power to the Masses

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