Biden Waives Solar Panel Tariffs, Seeks To Boost U.S. Production

President Joe Biden ordered emergency measures Monday to increase U.S. manufacturing of solar panels and declared a two-year tariff [...]

Xcel Energy’s Popular Solar Rebates Won’t Be as Generous

The popular Xcel Energy program to subsidize solar panels on Minnesota homes and businesses is slated for major changes next year [...]

Net metering laws may be challenged in California

In California’s sun-scorched Central Valley, the monthly electric bill can easily top $200. But that’s just about what George [...]

Ebay installs solar panels after Utah lobbying victory

Ebay has installed its largest renewable energy project – a 665 kW solar installation at its Topaz data center [...]

Mass. Senate to tackle energy bill

A multi-faceted energy bill aimed at reining in electricity costs in Massachusetts while also continuing to promote growth in [...]

Pakistan: National energy policy

Reportedly, recommendations have been made to PM to increase gas prices by 34 percent from January 2012, impose levy [...]

Bangladesh: New policy fires up solar energy business

A government policy to promote renewable energy has lured a large number of new entrants into the business, particularly [...]

UK: Pioneering town to drive green policy

A town whose energy-efficiency projects have caught the attention of ministers has been asked to help shape national policy [...]

U.S. and Chinese energy policy: Chinese carbon caps

While U.S. Republican presidential candidates are vying for who will dismantle the EPA fastest upon winning the election and [...]