Idaho Power Proposes 50% Lower Net Metering Rate for Solar Customers

On Nov. 13, Idaho Power Company (IPC) filed a proposal to change the rules for existing rooftop solar customers. [...]

Public Utilities Commission of Nevada to Tackle Low-Income Access to Solar Power

Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak signed Assembly Bill 465 into law on June 4 of 2019. The measure requires electric utilities in [...]

Bifacial Modules Win Reprieve From US Solar Tariffs

It’s the second and last round of exclusions from the Trump administration’s solar tariffs, officials said. Bifacial modules will [...]

Solar Power Tax Credit “Transferability” is on the Table

Two members of the U.S. House of Representatives have introduced a new bill whose purpose is to facilitate greater [...]

State Legislation in the US Friendly to Solar and Wind Energy

Eight states in the US passed legislation in an attempt to either make the permitting process easier for solar [...]

Scottish Power to Invest in Solar Energy for the First Time

Big six firm to focus exclusively on renewables, adding solar power to its windfarms Scottish Power, one of Britain’s [...]

No Longer a Novelty, Clean Energy Technologies Boom All Across the US

A new report documents the democratization of renewables, energy storage and electric vehicles in America. It was 1997, and [...]

The State(s) of Distributed Solar

2017 Year-End Update Energy production from renewable sources continues to expand in the U.S. at a rapid clip, thanks [...]

New Bipartisan Legislation Would Repeal Trump’s Solar Tariffs

“I don’t know what good can possibly come as a consequence of stifling the growth of solar power.” A [...]

California Sets Two New Solar Records

The escalating integration of solar has created “a new operating paradigm” for California’s grid operator, although the escalation is [...]