Double Tax Hits Slows Renewable-Energy Development in Rhode Island

Richmond is the latest Rhode Island community to struggle with utility-scale solar arrays. The municipality is one of several [...]

Solar Panel Systems Soar in Spain Thanks to Friendlier Regulation

Companies say they are being overwhelmed with demand after a government decree eliminated bureaucratic hurdles and installation prices dropped [...]

India Is Now Investing More in Solar than Coal, but Will Its Energy Shift Continue?

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Solar Summit 2019

Save the date:  Solar Summit 2019 May 14-15 Scottsdale, AZ The Premier Conference for Defining Further Solar Integration, Evaluating Solar [...]

Oregon Solar Energy Conference

The Oregon Solar Energy Conference is the nation’s best regional solar conference. In 2018 OSCE hosted over 430 attendees representing over [...]

European Solar Comes of PPAge

Solar PPA activity in Europe grew from 360 MW in 2017 to more than 2.4 GW in 2018. These projects [...]

Hungary Deployed More Than 400 MW of Solar in 2018

Most of last year’s new additions – 320 MW – came through a FIT scheme but a further 90 [...]

Maryland Senate Passes Solar-Powered Renewable Energy Mandate

Maryland Senate passed a bill to increase the portion of electricity that utilities must source from renewable energy to [...]

Community Solar Booms in Illinois, Sparking Fears of a Bust

“Looking at the huge amount of of interest through the number of applications that were filed, I think community [...]

Madison, WI Weighs Pricey Plan for 100 Percent Renewable Energy

To get to 100 percent renewable energy, all city government energy needs must be met through generation of power [...]