Boris Johnson’s Renewable Energy Policy: Promises 40 Gigawatts Of Offshore Wind For UK By 2030

The United Kingdom’s current Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has promised to deliver even more offshore wind power if his [...]

The UK Reaches A Remarkable Renewable Milestone

The UK has just ended its first quarter ever in which electricity generation from renewables outpaced fossil fuel-fired power [...]

UK Needs 13 GW of DSR, Smart EV Charging and V2G Ramp Up for Net Zero Goal

… and it will be quite an effort. The U.K.’s grid operator, National Grid, released a new report on [...]

Britain: Homes and Businesses to Be Paid for Exporting Excess Renewable Energy to the Grid

The Smart Export Guarantee places a legal obligation on energy suppliers with more than 150,000 customers to introduce export [...]

UK Government Committee Backs Net-Zero Climate Goal for 2050

Renewable energy players cheered a government-sponsored report recommending the U.K. set a date of 2050 for achieving net-zero carbon [...]

UK Public Support For Renewable Energy Remains At All-Time High

The latest Public Attitudes Tracking Survey conducted by the UK’s Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy published this [...]

Landmark Change for Renewable Gas Markets in the UK

Renewable gas holds a nascent status in the UK, but a recent change in rules for reporting greenhouse gas [...]

Solar Panels Surpass Coal-Fired Electricity in Previously ‘Unthinkable’ Feat in the UK

For six months until September, more electricity came from sunlight than coal-fired power stations Solar panels generated more electricity than coal in the [...]

Attractiveness of UK for Renewable Energy Investors Plummets

According to a new report by Ernst & Young (EY), interest in the UK with regard to investment in renewable energy has [...]

UK: The Observer View on the Tory Renewable Energy Policy

The Conservative party has spent much time mocking Labour for being out of touch on business issues, particularly Jeremy [...]