New York Looks to Europe for Successful Offshore Wind Transmission Models

A New York Power Authority-led study will determine the most cost-effective means to build transmission for 2,400 megawatts of [...]

Solar and Wind, Plus More Geothermal

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No Longer a Novelty, Clean Energy Technologies Boom All Across the US

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California Is Considering a 100 Percent Renewable Energy Law. That’s a Bad Idea.

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Obama Administration Rolls Out Series Of New Clean Energy Initiatives

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Court Makes Landmark Ruling On Illinois Wind Turbine Dispute

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How Will BLM’s Final Rule On Renewables Impact Wind Energy?

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Energy Experts Back Renewables After Blackout in South Australia

Renewables energy experts have gathered in South Australia to defend the use of solar and wind power in the aftermath of a state-wide blackout. [...]

Vermont Governor Shumlin Considers Veto of Renewable Energy Bill

Lawmakers could return June 9 for special session Gov. Peter Shumlin says he has not decided whether he can [...]

RWE’s Renewables Unit Calls For More Reform of German Energy Policy

Germany urgently needs to press ahead with reforming its energy market, but a series of elections, including general elections [...]