Mozambique Interested in Renewable Energy Projects

Mozambique’s Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy, Ernesto Max Tonela, noted on Thursday that besides natural gas exploration, the [...]

Nigeria’s Renewable Energy Plans and Policy

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) recently announced plans to strengthen the drive for renewable energy in Nigeria. The [...]

Africa Grapples With Clean Energy Policy Conundrum

Africa is both the world’s least electrified continent and the most vulnerable to climate change. And as the continent [...]

Morocco’s Clean Energy Policy: First Fully Solar-Powered Village

A small village in Morocco, Id Mjahdi, has become the first village on the entire continent of Africa to [...]

France To Fund Innovative Off-Grid Renewables Projects In Africa

The French development agency and the environment ministry have a €1.6 million budget to finance novel off-grid projects from [...]

Kenya Opens Africa’s Largest Wind Power Project

Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta says wind farm will help boost electricity supply and access at lower cost. Kenya has unveiled Africa‘s [...]

Large-Scale Solar Blossoms in Africa

After years of unconverted pipelines, stale financing and cost barriers, utility-scale solar PV in Africa has started to spring [...]

New Horizons for Renewable Energies in Morocco and Africa

Morocco has a strategic location in the North West of the African continent and is only 14 kilometers from [...]

Drought-hit Mozambique Signs First Major Solar Power Deal

The 40MW plant will deliver power to the national grid and produce energy for some 175,000 households, Oslo-based Scatec [...]

Kenyan Government Lobbies Urge Policy Reforms to Boost Green Energy Access

The Kenyan government must reform policy and regulatory environment to facilitate investments in clean energy, green lobbies said on [...]