The Future of Clean Energy in Maine, Massachusetts, and Maryland

Maine, Massachusetts, and Maryland–aside from being on the east coast and starting with the same letter, are all also [...]

Maryland Gov. Hogan Launches Task Force to Tackle Conflicts Over Solar, Wind Energy Projects

Gov. Larry Hogan announced Wednesday that he would launch a task force to examine conflicts over renewable energy projects, [...]

Maryland Law Will Raise Renewables Target to 50%

Republican Governor Larry Hogan chose not to veto the law, but said he’d rather shoot for 100 percent clean [...]

Community Solar Pilot Extended in Maryland

Under HB683, the maximum capacity for a community solar project has been raised to 2 MW and the cap [...]

State Legislation in the US Friendly to Solar and Wind Energy

Eight states in the US passed legislation in an attempt to either make the permitting process easier for solar [...]

Maryland Approves Clean Energy Jobs Act, New Renewables Goals

“This bill now makes Maryland a true national leader in the fight against climate change and in favor of [...]

Maryland Senate Passes Solar-Powered Renewable Energy Mandate

Maryland Senate passed a bill to increase the portion of electricity that utilities must source from renewable energy to [...]

Maryland May Again Accelerate Its RPS: 100 Percent Renewable Energy by 2035

On Feb. 1, Delegate Shane Robinson along with over forty co-sponsors and advocacy groups introduced the 100% Clean Renewable Energy [...]

Maryland Awards Renewable Energy Credits to Two Offshore Wind Projects

The Maryland Public Service Commission (PSC), in a May 11 decision, awarded offshore wind renewable energy credits (OREC) to two projects [...]

Maryland’s Energy Storage Tax Credit: Gaining Momentum Across America?

The General Assembly of Maryland just passed a bill that would provide a 30 percent tax credit to those [...]