Poland Reviews Offshore Wind Bill

Proposed law sets out a remuneration scheme specifically for offshore wind farms. In Poland a draft law in relation [...]

Belgium’s Renewable Energy Policy: Total Electricity Share From Renewable Energy Reaches New Highs

For the first time since 2010, Belgium exported more electricity than it imported, it emerged from figures produced by [...]

Meeting Europe’s 2030 Energy Climate Goals: Renewables To Command 53% Of Electricity In 2030

Wood Mackenzie projects that renewable energy will meet 53% of Europe’s power supply in 2030. If Europeans deliver their individual [...]

Three EU Countries Bump Up Renewable Energy Goal for 2030

France, Greece and Bulgaria have pledged to update their national targets for renewable energy and bump up the share [...]

419 Million Euros Invested in Renewable Energy in Burgenland, Austria

The investment will be allocated over the next 25 years. As if you needed more proof that Austria is [...]

Reform Power Billing or Risk Hindering Clean Energy, Spain Told

Spain has an opportunity in its upcoming reform of electricity charging to clear hurdles for self-consumption and electric vehicles [...]

Luxembourg: First Legal Framework For Renewable Energy Covered Bonds

On 22 June 2018, Luxembourg adopted a law introducing the option for Luxembourg covered bond banks to issue a [...]

Ireland has Some of the Best Offshore Renewable Energy Resources in Europe

Ireland has some of the best offshore renewable energy resources in Europe at 900,000km² and because of its location [...]

EU Approves €385 Million Renewable Energy Scheme for Lithuania

The Lithuanian government plans introduce a new scheme in May which will provide assistance for the installation of renewable [...]

European Solar Comes of PPAge

Solar PPA activity in Europe grew from 360 MW in 2017 to more than 2.4 GW in 2018. These projects [...]