DOE Announces $38 Million in funding for State Level Energy Efficiency Projects

Department of Energy Secretary Steven Chu announced today that Alaska, Kansas, Utah and West Virginia will receive more than $38 million in funding for projects focused on energy efficiency through the DOE’s energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant program. The grant is designed to fund energy efficiency projects undertaken by states, cities, counties, territories and federally-recognized Indian tribes.

Funds for the grant program are authorized through Title IV of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. To qualify projects must generally be those that lower energy use, reduce carbon pollution and create green jobs. Through this grant DOE appears to be attempting to create programs that will quickly create jobs “on the ground” at a more localized level. At least 60% of the funds will be distributed by the states to municipalities who otherwise would not qualify for direct DOE grant funding. A tally of the jobs created by the ARRA can be found here.

Projects that will receive funding include the development of energy efficiency and conservation strategy, energy efficiency audits and retrofits, transportation programs, the creation of financial incentive programs for energy efficiency improvements, the development and implementation of advanced building codes and inspections, and installation of renewable energy technologies on municipal buildings. The steady influx of government funds to clean technology development will continue to make the clean technology sector one of the most quickly growing industries in the United States.

Source: Joseph Pallett

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