Kosovo Preps 50 MW Solar Tender

The Balkan nation is planning a tender for 50 MW of utility scale solar capacity on a public-private partnership basis with help from the International Finance Corporation. The World Bank’s private finance arm is procuring a technical, environmental and social consulting firm to advise on the project.

The International Finance Corporation (IFC), the private finance arm of the World Bank, is advising the government of Kosovo on the procurement of 50 MW of utility scale solar power generation capacity. The aim is to secure solar projects on a public-private partnership basis.

The IFC is seeking a technical, environmental and social consulting firm to advise on the project’s implementation.

Specifically, the IFC wants to procure: initial assessment of a potential site; a review of the grid code and schedule of the technical limits of a power purchase agreement; detailed site studies, including ground investigations, grid integration studies and environmental and social impact scoping; and support for the tender process.

The World Bank said the project may include energy storage capacity, without providing further details.

In early September, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development kicked off a tender to attract consultants to help the Kosovan government define an auction mechanism to secure large scale renewable energy deployment.

Kosovo recently raised its renewable energy target to an additional 400 MW of capacity by 2026. That would be enough to meet a quarter of its power demand and would reduce dependence on ageing coal-fired power plants.


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